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Pure Protein
Wednesday October 13th 2010, 7:48 pm
Filed under: Plum Kitchen

One of our most popular salads in the Plum Kitchen showcase is the Pure Protein Salad:

Pure Protein Salad is made up of rows of grains and vegetables that are plated in equal amounts. In each row you will find the following:

Quinoa: high in protein and other nutrients like manganese and iron
Kidney Beans: contains cholesterol lowering fiber
Corn: high in fiber and folate, a B-vitamin
Brown Rice: a great source of manganese
Edamame: low in calories; high in protein and fiber 
Lentils: help lower cholesterol, has important minerals like B-vitamins

The dressing is a garlic-cilantro-lime vinaigrette. The salad is gluten-free and is made up of vegetable protein sources that match up to create complete proteins.

*Serving Tip: At many of our Catering events we layer the salad in a small, clear plastic cup with a mini spoon—great presentation, it’s healthy, and guests will thoroughly enjoy!