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Pairing Wine w/ Chicken Fricassee
Tuesday March 29th 2011, 11:32 am
Filed under: Mad Picks | Wine, Beer, & Spirits

@McCluresPickles recently asked, “Alright, you wine people, what would you serve with Chicken Fricassee, made with our brine?”

Our Wine Sommelier, was quick to respond:

“I’d go with a drier Riesling like Dr. Burklin Wolf Estate 2008 from Germany that has plenty of fruit and bright acidity than would be a nice counterpoint to the dishes salty richness.

An option closer to home that would also work is the 2007 Mercer Pinot Gris from Washington that has a kiss of honeyed sweetness and a creamy palate that would meld right into the dish.”

And now you know exactly what to make for dinner.

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10 Year Aged Cheddar
Sunday March 06th 2011, 5:53 pm
Filed under: Artisan Cheese & Deli

Sometimes the only food stopping us from eating a vegan diet is cheese.  The incredible taste is just too hard to part with, especially if you’ve had Widmer’s Cellars 10 year aged cheddar, an absolute guest favorite:

This cheese’s rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharp with age and the smooth, firm texture becomes more granular and crumbly with age.  Slice this cheese for sandwiches, crackers or shred into casseroles, soups, and sauces. Or just eat it plain, it’s that good.