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First Signs of Spring
Monday April 04th 2011, 8:31 pm
Filed under: Produce

(updated 4.4.13) These spring favorites have a short season, so get them while you can!

fiddlehead fern

Fiddlehead ferns—one of Spring’s most elusive goodies—have a mild flavor and closely resemble asparagus (some say they are similar to green beans and artichokes). They’re pleasantly crunchy with a nutty, slightly bitter bite—most recipes call for butter and salt.  Treat fiddleheads like asparagus tips and you can’t go wrong; or pair them with morel mushrooms for a perfect seasonal treat.

Morel Mushrooms—perhaps you’ve gone morel hunting when the winter comes to a close and spring finally arrives. This earthy treat is certainly a seasonal favorite and is enjoyed fresh only during the springtime. Sauté with some butter, salt and pepper and add to your favorite dish (pasta, steak, atop crostini, or soup)



Ramps—sometimes called a wild leek—grow from South Carolina to Canada and are considered a spring delicacy.  Flavor and odor is similar to onions and garlic.  Use them raw or add ramps to soups, egg dishes, casseroles, rice and potato dishes for a wonderful and uniquely pungent flavor.  Ramps are easy to clean: cut off roots, rinse thoroughly and scrub off excess dirt on the bulbs.  (due to cold conditions, we do not have these in yet but we hope to soon!)

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