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Taste Michigan: Shrimp?
Sunday September 25th 2011, 9:14 pm
Filed under: Meat & Seafood

No, it’s not a typo.  Michigan does have shrimp.  Russ Allen, Michigan’s world-class “shrimpman”, is a Lansing area native.  After graduating from the School of Natural Resources at UofM with a degree in fisheries management in the late 70s, he guided sea turtle viewing trips in the Galapagos Islands.  When coastal Ecuadorans began to successfully farm shrimp on a large scale, Russ was hired to help develop the world’s first large shrimp farming models.  Russ then developed shrimp farms in Ecuador, Belize, and Mexico for the next twenty years and became a world renowned expert in shrimp culture.  When he moved back to MI in the mid-90s, he began to experiment with growing shrimp near East Lansing, where naturally saline water is abundant.  Michigan Shrimp Farms (MSF) was born. 


The system Russ has developed over the past 20 years is a bio-secure, environmentally safe, and climate-controlled process that requires zero use of antibiotics and chemicals producing naturally healthy shrimp. Inspectors from the World Wildlife Foundation’s sustainable seafood program visited Russ’ operation in 2008 and determined it to be “the most sustainable aquaculture model in the world”.  

In short, MSF shrimp are:

  • Sweet and delicious
  • Clean, healthy, and chemical-free
  • Raised using environmentally sound practices
  • Locally grown in Michigan
  • So, next time you’re in Plum Market we encourage you to stop by the seafood counter and ask a Team Member about taking home some fresh Michigan shrimp—it’s definitely worth a try!

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