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Don’t Be Intimidated by the Kumquat
Thursday November 17th 2011, 11:30 pm
Filed under: Produce

These olive shaped citrus fruits are widely available during the winter months and many people pass them by, not sure how to eat them or what they’re used for.  The Kumquat is ripe when the color is yellow-orange and can simply be eaten raw.  The rind is sweet and the center is sour (eat them whole, these little guys are juicy!).  If you’re looking to get creative:  slice Kumquats into salads, garnish cocktails with Kumquats (great with pomegranate or cranberry flavors), make a marmalade or preserve, or even candy them for dessert dishes.  So, next time you visit our produce department, don’t overlook this lovely fruit.

*Photo from Wikipedia.org

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