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“Little Wonder”
Thursday January 12th 2012, 12:43 am
Filed under: Produce

The seedless Kishu Mandarin is now available exclusively at Plum Market (because we like to be different).

This cute little fruit is one of the tastiest mandarins you’ll find out there.  Best described as juicy, fragrant, and sweet.  They’re smaller than the size of a golf ball and super easy to peel which can lead to eating multiple mandarins (hello, kid-friendly!).  They’re not widely available but growers are producing more and more because of the high demand in California farmer’s markets.

History lesson: The Seedless Kishu derives from an ancient group of small-fruited mandarin varieties that originated in China.  A related seeded variety called Ruju was offered as tribute in 1060 under the Tang Dynasty, and in the Song Dynasty it was considered the best mandarin variety. Today the Nanfengmiju, derived from Ruju, is one of the most widely grown mandarins in China, particularly in Jianxi province, where it originated.

So, fill up your fruit bowl or favorite glass vase with this delightful fruit and watch how fast they disappear.

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