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New Belgium Brewing Company
Monday August 27th 2012, 10:00 am
Filed under: Mad Picks | Wine, Beer, & Spirits

Will arrive August 27, 2012 in Ann Arbor and West Bloomfield! Will arrive in Bloomfield on August 31, 2012.

About New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers, began operations in a tiny Fort Collins basement in 1991. Today, the third largest craft brewer in the U.S., New Belgium produces nine year-round beers; Fat Tire Amber Ale, Ranger IPA, Shift Pale Lager, Belgo IPA, Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle Pilsner, 1554 Black Ale, Abbey and Trippel, as well as a host of seasonal releases. It all started when Jeff Lebesch rode through European villages famous for making beer on his mountain bike (with “fat tires”).  He returned to Fort Collins with a handful of ingredients and an imagination full of recipes. Check out pictures of the brewery: http://www.newbelgium.com/culture/brewery/brewery-photos.aspx

Here is the selection we’ll be offering:

Fat Tire |  22oz  List $5.00 Plum $3.99
About the beer + food pairings

Ranger IPA | 22oz List $5.00 Plum $3.99
About the beer + food pairings

Trippel | 22oz List $5.00 Plum $3.99
About the beer + food pairings

Red Hoptober | 22oz List $5.00 Plum $3.99
About the beer

Shift Pale Lager | 16oz cans List $10.00 Plum $8.99
About the beer + food pairings


Lips of Faith 22oz (still waiting on final details of variety, arrival, and price)

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The Tastiest Tomato You’ll Ever Eat.
Wednesday August 01st 2012, 8:28 pm
Filed under: Grocery,Produce

Dirty Girl Produce is a 40 acre certified organic family farm located in Santa Cruz County, Ca. Situated on rich, fertile land between the San Lorenzo River and sheltering Pogonip hills, the farm reaps the blessings of Monterey Bay climate and pristine watershed to produce sublime organic vegetables renowned for their flavor and vitality.

Dirty Girl grows over 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and one of our favorites is their Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes.  Dirty Girl Dry Farm Tomatoes are grown sustainably using only rainwater from the torrential rains that saturate the soil in Northern California during the winter. The plants are deprived of water after they reach maturity. This lack of water stresses the plant forcing the roots deep into the soil in search of water and focuses its efforts on producing fruit. The result is a smaller tomato and lower yield, but the tomatoes have a tremendous flavor and texture.

Last year we introduced these beauties to our produce department, even though they are typically only sold to California’s Central Coast farmer’s markets.  But because our guests seek the freshest and healthiest organic produce we were added to the list of retailers to carry these bright, juicy tomatoes.

The tomatoes will be here soon, but NOW (for a limited time), you can have access to these favorite tomatoes any time because they’re shipping them directly to our grocery department shelves!  Use them in any recipe that calls for tomatoes—salsa, pasta, casserole, salad, or just eat them out of the jar!  You’re welcome.

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Seeing Summer Through Rosé Bottles
Wednesday August 01st 2012, 8:18 pm
Filed under: Mad Picks | Wine, Beer, & Spirits

If you are a rosé lover ―and isn’t this the summer for it ― then your ship has just come in.  Cupcake, that California wine company synonymous with value wines from throughout the world, sometimes comes up with real gems.  Last summer it was a sparkler from France’s Loire that was absolutely the hit of the summer 0f ’11.  Many a patio sported that bubbly to foil the heat, and we still get many requests for it but, alas, Cupcake has moved on.

Not to worry! Just in to add refreshment to a warm sunny day is Cupcake Côtes du Provence Rosé.  From the 2011 vintage, bottled in Provence itself, and priced at $5.97 per bottle, this rose is an absolute steal!

This is real Provence rosé ―that beautiful onion-skin color, more orange than pink; the alluring scents of rose petals, lavender and strawberries and the crisp, delicate flavors that are hauntingly  pure, clean and penetrating that linger on and on yet refresh the palate and brighten our spirits.  Pick up a few bottles before the summer comes to a close, and enjoy!