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Pop[corn] Culture
Wednesday January 30th 2013, 11:09 pm
Filed under: Grocery

The latest craze is all about the addictive snack that has been around for centuries and brings back memories of being at at home with family or going to the movies with friends. Remember the smell of popping kernels on the stovetop? Maybe your family had movie night and popped corn in one of those air poppers:

Well, satisfying this snack craving no longer requires heating oil, counter space, and it doesn’t need to be eaten in one sitting—although you’ll be tempted to when you try the following gourmet popcorn:

Popcorn, Indiana

Drizzlecorn. The word alone makes anyone start drooling. Try the Black & White Kettlecorn—with dark and white chocolate—on ice cream. Seriously.

Skinny Pop

Healthy and fabulous. This light and airy classic popcorn lets you enjoy snacking guilt-free.


There’s a flavor for every personality: Classic Sweet & Salty, Sweetly White Cheddar, Politely Sweet & Spicy, and Uncommonly Salted Caramel.

Pop’d Kerns

The perfect crunch–not too hard like a corn nut, and not too soft like regular popcorn.


Having trouble scooping out the perfect amount for a handful of popcorn? Fear not, Pop Corners has put popcorn in the form of a chip for your snacking ease.

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