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Taste Me, Do Good*
Thursday September 19th 2013, 5:10 pm
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A banana’s a banana right? Wrong! We’re proud to introduce Organic AND Fair Trade bananas to our produce selection. We promise these are the best tasting bananas you’ll ever have and you’ll feel great about supporting the sustainable and fair trade farmers who pick them.

Interrupcion* works with family farmers to ensure the protection of our earth, employing sustainable agricultural practices and organic and biodynamic farming methods.  All of our products are all produced with the highest levels of food-safety.  We eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and GMOs, and we safeguard our land and water resources for future harvests and generations.  

Video about TMDG Bananas

TASTE ME*: Enjoy the flavors of fresh, nutritious produce grown the way Mother Nature intended.  Our hand-selected fruits and vegetables come to you directly from family farms and cooperatives throughout the America’s. 

DO GOOD*: Make a difference in the lives of families, communities, and our environment.  We guarantee fair wages and safe, dignified working conditions.  Every time you buy a Taste Me Do Good* product, you generate a small social premium that goes directly back to farm-workers and their communities to invest in much needed health, education, and other urgent community projects.  
When you buy a Taste Me Do Good* product you’re:
          choosing a healthy and nutritious option  
          participating positively with farmers, workers, and communities  
          supporting sustainable agriculture
          growing a healthy and nutritious food system.

Pick up a bunch next time you’re in Plum Market and let us know what you think of Taste Me Do Good bananas!

Choose Organic. Here’s Why…
Friday September 06th 2013, 8:37 pm
Filed under: Apothecary,Grocery,Meat & Seafood,Plum Bakehouse,Produce