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Events at the WineBar
Tuesday July 09th 2013, 3:39 pm
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Wine & Beer Tastings

Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative tastings. Sommeliers Jeff Mar, Patrick Peterson, Robin Westphal, and Madeline Triffon will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best products available.

Reservations are not necessary unless otherwise noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Plum Market West Bloomfield.

New French Friends | Thursday, October 2nd | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Michael Corso Selections, brand new to the Michigan market, represents “Small family domaines who are keenly aware of the patrimony of the land that they will pass on to their grandchildren. Our belief is in the growers. Good growers will always make good wines!” You can look forward to a broad range of whites and reds from Alsace, the Loire, Burgundy, the Rhône, and Bordeaux with stellar estates such as Beyer, Vigneau-Chevreau, J. Girardin and Raspail-Ay. Our new friend Charles Corso is making a special trip from Chicago to personalize this debut tasting. Charlie has a deep background in fine dining restaurants (Spago and La Sardine) as well as upscale retail sales and distribution. He also completed the Bordeaux marathon! Purchase Tickets Here.

A Unique Krug Experience | Friday, October 3rd | 6:30 to 8pm | $75 Inclusive
Our friend Nicole Burke, Krug’s U.S. Brand Ambassador, is returning to Michigan for another exclusive Plum Market tasting.  She has something truly special planned for us: Nicole will lead us through a tasting of Krug cuvees paired with the perfect appetizers.  Not only will you be tasting 5 spectacular champagnes:  Clos du Mesnil 2003, Krug Vintage 2003, Krug Vintage 2000, Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé.  You’ll experience how each wine flowers with an ideal menu marriage.  Please join us as our guest at this singular opportunity.  Only 30 seats are available. Purchase Tickets Online.

Dare We Say All Cabernet! | Thursday, October 9th | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
From its ancestral home in France’s Bordeaux region to its dominance in California’s North Coast, Cabernet Sauvignon is America’s favorite red varietal. Full-bodied, dark, sumptuous and complex, its wine’s popularity has made the grape prolific around the world. From France to California and Washington State, Chile to Argentina, South Africa to Australia, we’ll show an array of different styles made from this most noble black grape. We’ll present half the wines “blind,” labels masked, for fun–see if you can guess where they come from!  Don’t miss a great opportunity to learn about the Great Cab regions around the world and what makes them unique. Purchase Tickets Online.

Modern Pinot Elegance | Thursday, October 16th | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
The French expressions of Pinot Noir and its white counterpart Chardonnay (formerly known as “Pinot Chardonnay”) are celebrated for balance and restraint. But the Americas and Down Under are inspired to kick out elegant examples too. Pinot Noir’s firm acidity, mild tannin and translucent color translate well in cooler climates. Ditto the spirit of Chardonnay, more about subtle satiny texture than strident flavor. We’ll explore familiar Napa and Sonoma Chard benchmarks, some that are made by “new kids,” gorgeous Oregon Pinots, and dip into New Zealand as well. Purchase Tickets Online.

Iberian Steals | Thursday, October 23rd | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Spain and Portugal offer as much oeno-diversity as any two neighboring countries on the planet. The Iberian Peninsula pulls away from the pack when it comes to the sheer value of its wines. Almost every one of its diverse growing regions offers stunning buys, wines for well under $15 that Taste like More. Be it Champagne-style cava; Verdejo, Viura, and Sauvignon blends from Rueda; quaffable Vinho Verde; inky Douro made from Port varieties; complex aged Rioja; Jumilla’s sexy Monastrell; or modern Portuguese blends.  Elevate your “everyday wine” with this Best Value experience! Purchase Tickets Online.

Old Meets New … Boo! New World Winemakers & Their Old World Compatriots | Thursday, October 30th | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Some new world producers, inspired by European tradition, make wines with restraint and terroir; they source old vines and use minimal intervention winemaking. There are some old world mavericks who enter the wine trade with no family history; or, they take over abandoned family vineyards but ignore local tradition. On both continents, there are paradigm shifts in how wine is being grown and made. This tasting focuses the out-of-the-box thinkers who are driving these changes. We invite you, the wine drinker, to appreciate the forward thought process behind these wines. Additional (optional) fun–come wearing a mask or a costume!  Prizes will be given out for the best outfits. Purchase Tickets Online.


Join Us for Weekly Wine & Beer Events at

Wine & Beer Tastings
Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative wine tastings. Anthony Minne and the team will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best beverages available. Reservations are necessary when noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8:00 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Plum Market Old Town.

Great Lakes Wines: The Best of Michigan, Illinois, New York, & Canada | Thursday October 23rd | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
The cool climate and limestone-rich terroirs around the Great Lakes are more similar to classic European wine regions than to America’s West Coast. Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir are achieving new levels of quality rivaling the Old World. You’ll taste wines from emerging producers like Left Foot Charley on Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula, Illinois Sparkling Company’s unique bubbly, Riesling from Cave Spring in the Beamsville Bench of Ontario, Pearl & Morisette’s mind blowing Cabernet Franc from the Twenty Mile Bench, and the legendary wines of Hermann J. Wiemer and Ravines in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Purchase Tickets Here.

Masked Wines, Masked Tasters | A Halloween Blind Tasting | Thursday October 30th | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Come wearing a mask or a costume! We set out eight mysterious examples of major varietals, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Pinot Grigio. Sinister, eerie, unearthly themed wines! We’ll tell you a scary story relating to the history of each. All the selections will be served “blind” in decanters with no visible clues as to their identity. You’ll have the great fun of giving your best guesses and may surprise yourself! Prizes will be given out for the best blind tasters and for the best masks and costumes. Stop by on your way to a party and prime your palate! Purchase Tickets Here.

Founders Brewing Beer Tasting | Thursday, November 6th | 6:30 to 8pm | $10
Established in 1997, Founders has been providing the Midwest beer scene with complex, in-your-face ales, with huge aromatics, bigger body, and tons of flavor. The Founders Family, a group of passionate beer enthusiasts, has grown around this simple philosophy: “We don’t brew beer for the masses. Instead, our beers are crafted for a chosen few, a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste. In short, we make beer for people like us.” From the verge of bankruptcy to chasing national brand status, Founders has won many of us over with their time tested craft beers. Please join us for a walk around tasting of some of Founders’ finest Ales including some barrel aged favorites and many of the coveted Backstage series limited releases. Purchase Tickets Online.

Grower Champagne Seminar Tasting With Guest Speaker Mark Hutchens of Robert Houde Wines | Thursday November 13th | 6:30 to 8pm | $30 
Champagne made by the farmers who actually grow the grapes, or “Grower Champagne,” has taken the wine world by storm. These quality-focused small houses make Champagnes from specific villages. They deliver a unique expression of terroir, in comparison to the big houses (“Grandes Marques”) who blend from many vineyard sources. No one has championed Grower Champagne more than Importer Terry Theise, whose selections are the darlings of sommeliers everywhere and a favorite of Chicago’s own Robert Houde Wines co-owner Mark Hutchens. This tasting will be a seated, class-room style event as Hutchens guides us through bench-mark Champagnes of the Theise portfolio such as Gaston Chiquet of Dizy, Jean Lallement of Verzenay (Pinot Noir dominant), and the Special Club Blanc de Blancs (Chardonnay) of Pierre Gimmonet. Up and coming estates such as Jacques Lassaigne and Henriet Bazin will also be featured. Purchase Tickets Online.


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