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Events at the WineBar
Tuesday July 09th 2013, 3:39 pm
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Choose your Location for events at: the WineBar in West Bloomfield, MI | the WineBar in Old Town Chicago, IL | About Madeline Triffon, MS

Join Us for Weekly Wine & Beer Events at

Wine & Beer Tastings

Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative tastings. Sommeliers Jeff Mar, Patrick Peterson, Robin Westphal, and Madeline Triffon will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best products available.

Reservations are not necessary unless otherwise noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Plum Market West Bloomfield.

All Star New World  │ Thursday, September 4th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
Move over Europe!  We’re hungry to present our current favorite wines from the Americas and Down Under.  These are wines that hold nothing back, spilling over with exuberant fruit, oak, everything.  We’ll showcase expressive Napa and Chilean Cabernet, Sonoma Zinfandel, Aussie GSM and Shiraz, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Argentine Malbec and Torrontes, Oregon Pinot Noir and Gris, Washington Bordeaux blends, and who knows what else.  These are the wines our guests love to drink … and we love to buy!  Purchase Tickets Here.

Winebow’s Women in Wine  │  Thursday, September 11th │  6:30 to 8pm  │ $20
One of the finest importers on the planet, Winebow hosts the “Women in Wine Leadership Symposium” in NYC.  We’ll reflect the spirit of this exciting forum with producers who flourish with capable ladies at the helm.  Be it in winemaking, grape-growing, sales or managing the family estate, these women are essential to their respective wineries.  We’ll focus on the Italian estates of Argiolas (Sardinia), Altesino and Le Pupille (Tuscany), Maculan (Veneto), Montevetrano (Campania), and Zenato (Veneto).  A dip into Spain and South America will bring Juvé Y Camps (Penedès), Marques de Griñon (Dominio de Valdepusa), Viña Bujanda (Rioja), and Viña Leyda (Chile). Each Woman of Wine will be honored with their picture and bio, if not their actual company! Purchase Tickets Here.

Varietal Immersion  $20  │ Thursday, September 18th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
Do you question your ability to recognize quality and typicality in a wine?  Join us for a fun and instructive tasting of key grape varietals.  You’ll learn:  what’s the difference between An Old World Chardonnay and a New World example?  What makes Merlot different from Cabernet Sauvignon?  Why do ace tasters confuse Sangiovese and Tempranillo?  What’s the unmistakable fingerprint of fine Nebbiolo?  What’s the signature aroma of Riesling, no matter where it’s grown?  Why is French Syrah so very different from Australian Shiraz?  Sommeliers Madeline Triffon, Patrick Peterson, and Paula Hartson will cheerfully lead you through beautiful benchmarks of quality.  Empower your nose and taste buds! Purchase Tickets Here.

Peter Weygandt’s France  │ Thursday, September 25th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
Weygandt Wines are personal favorites of Madeline Triffon, MS.  The boutique French selections are poignant reflections of their regions, thanks to Peter’s impeccable palate and innate sense of class.  We’ll touch down in the Loire, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Bandol, the southern Rhône, Jura, and Alsace.  Robert Parker comments, “Readers who do not have access to Weygandt offerings are missing some of the finest values as well as best imports in the United States." We’ll be joined by our friends Michelle DeHayes and Mike Francisco who will represent Peter beautifully. Purchase Tickets Here.


Join Us for Weekly Wine & Beer Events at

Wine & Beer Tastings
Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative wine tastings. Anthony Minne and the team will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best beverages available. Reservations are necessary when noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8:00 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Plum Market Old Town.

Blind Tasting Game | Thursday, August 28 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Welcome to our favorite game!  “Blind Tasting” means assessing a glass of wine without knowing anything about it, not the price, growing region, varietal, vintage, nothing.  Why blind taste?  Because it’s the most effective, fair way to determine quality in a wine.  And it’s fun!  We’ll  give you the flavor profiles of typical examples of key grape varietals and let you match them up to wines you feel best represent them. You’ll get plenty of hints and helpful tips that will make for interesting discussion with your friends and colleagues.  Cool prizes will be awarded to the best lucky guessers! Purchase Tickets Here.

Best Wines Under $20 │ Thursday, September 4th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
As a wine retailer, we often get requests to find the very best wines at the very best prices. We love this challenge! This evening, we’ll showcase the greatest deals around that we’ve discovered by tasting thousands of wines. We’ll cover a variety of categories: best value Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Burgundy, Pizza Red, un-oaked Old World white, rich Chardonnay, GSM blend, Champagne-style wine, and more! Purchase Tickets Here.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Debut! │ Saturday, September 6th │ 1 to 6pm │ Complimentary
Meet the Owner of Château de la Font du Loup and enjoy a Complimentary Tasting of 3 estate wines.
Château de la Font du Loup is a family property run by the charming, energetic Anne-Charlotte Bachas and her husband Laurent. The domaine is located in the heart of the appellation, between Avignon and Orangedans le village provençal de Courthézon, ville d’histoire et de spectacle,. le château de la Font du Loup est un domaine familial dont le nom figurait déjà au cadastre Napoléonien.Font du Loup’s vineyards are unique in Châteauneuf-du-Pape as they are at an unusually high elevation. The vines are planted on sandy soils, a contrast to the common rockier sites. We’ve been huge fans of these wines, they’re both ageworthy and elegant in style, and we’re very proud to host their Chicago debut. Stop by the wine department to meet the irrepressible Anne Charlotte and taste her current vintages. Reserve Your Complimentary Tickets Here.

“Celebrate Rioja” Walk Around Tasting & VIP Dinner | Monday, September 8, 2014
At Homestead on the Roof 1924 W. Chicago Ave.
Walk-Around Tasting | 5:30 to 8:30pm | $20
VIP Dinner (includes walk-around tasting) | 9:30 to 11:30pm | $90

Plum Market, Wines from Rioja, and Homestead on the Roof have partnered to bring you one of the hottest wine celebrations of the year! Discover your favorites among 50+ wines ranging from young, fresh Blancos to “royal” Gran Reservas. Experiment with tapas, and charcuterie pairings while grooving to live Spanish music. Wines will be available to order through Plum Market at special event pricing and guests may enter a raffle to win a mixed case of Rioja wine and dinner for two! For the full Rioja experience, you won’t want to miss the late night VIP wine dinner, featuring seven Rioja wines paired with seven courses of exquisite literal farm-to-table-inspired dishes prepared by Executive Chef Chris “Chip” Davies. Purchase Tickets Here.

The Loire, River of Diversity │ Thursday, September 11th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
What other growing region offers such a wide range of stellar options–sparkling, rosé, dry whites, dessert wine, light and rich reds, you name it! We’ll taste Muscadet, dry and sweet Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire, Crémant de Loire (bubbles), Bourgueil (Cabernet Franc), Sancerre Rouge (Pinot Noir), everything notable that we can get our hands on. Take a trip through the prettiest growing region in France, the land of chateaux! Purchase Tickets Here.

Plum Market’s American Whiskey Festival | Tuesday, September 16 | 6:30 to 8 PM | $10
September is Bourbon Heritage Month and we would like to honor the family heritage, tradition, and deep-rooted legacy that our “native spirit” has contributed to the United States. To further celebrate the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our libation-focused forefathers, we will be hosting a walk-around tasting of all American whiskey expressions! We will feature Bourbon, Rye, Moonshine, White Whiskey, and even American Single-Malts to expand your patriotic whiskey palates.  Join us in practicing responsible and moderate imbibing of our native whiskies and perhaps you will find some new drams to add to your collection. Purchase Tickets Here.

California Dreamin’ │ Thursday, September 18th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
Exciting New Wines of the Golden State. The “California Wine” spirit has always been about improvement and innovation: taking lessons learned from the Old World and making them unique to our prime American wine land. There’s a fresh movement of exciting winemaking that’s pushing the boundaries yet again. Many winemakers are intentionally focusing on lower alcohol levels and minimizing new oak usage.  They’re experimenting with obscure varietals and nudging into virgin growing regions.  We’ll present forward-thinking producers and wines. Our own Sean King, Plum’s resident CA winemaker, will address the group! Purchase Tickets Here.

An Evening with Schramsberg │ Thursday, September 25th │ 6:30 to 8pm │ $20
Schramsberg Vineyards began in 1862 when Jacob Schram purchased a large piece of land on the mountainsides of the Napa Valley. Jacob intended to join the emerging winemaking efforts by fellow German compatriots living in Napa; thus Schramsberg was born. Today, Schramsberg is owned by the Davies family and is one of California’s truly iconic wineries and a pioneer of domestic sparkling wines. Laurent C. Sarazin, V.P. of Sales and Marketing who is extremely knowledgeable and engaging, will lead us through an impressive the line-up, including 2 still Pinot Noirs. Purchase Tickets Here.


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